WordPress Desktop App Is Now Available for Windows

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Automattic, the company behind WordPress, recently released an app for OS X. Within two weeks of releasing this app, Automattic went on to release the Windows version as well. What’s great about this release is that it possesses an identical interface to the current WordPress.com website. If you feel at home using the WordPress.com website, you will now enjoy WordPress even more with the new OS X and Windows apps.

So what’s new here? The app offers great functionality in terms of notifications, various operating system integrations and many offline features. And according to Techcrunch, the WordPress app for Windows works just like the Slack desktop app.

The WordPress app takes the “less is better” to a whole new level. With a great design, and improved Editorial features, the WordPress app encourages the writer in you. This means you can concentrate more on the writing and less on bothering about the post options.

For those who prefer to have an extensive set of options right at their fingertips, you can always go for the WordPress Admin panel available on the web.

According to winbeta.org,

[Automattic concluded that,] Windows users outnumber Mac and Linux users by over 2X, combined, and so it’s no surprise that they’ve introduced a shiny new Windows client.

The Windows app will allow users to preview their posts on the site’s template (the one selected on the web version) and will auto-save the work regularly. The new app extensively uses JavaScript thanks to the application called Calypso, an open source code for WordPress.

Winbeta went on to further say,

This isn’t Automattic’s absolute first Windows app, mind you; the developers released one some time ago that was more focused on content consumption.

However, one must take note that though this new addition can manage anything a WordPress installation can do, it isn’t a universal Windows 10 app. It is a Windows 10 Win32 app.

Winbeta believes that this release is a fine addition to the WordPress stable, and we couldn’t agree more. This app has allowed ardent WordPress users to take their love of blogging to the next level. Download the desktop app here.

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